If you’ve recently played at any online casino, you most probably noticed all the sign-up bonuses on offer and you might have thought why online casinos are so big-hearted. They literally give away real money to players, and often. Well, there is no catch really. The market is booming and competition is stiff so they want to lure you into trying them out. And in all honesty, this is great news for casino enthusiasts around the world. One of the less spoken about bonuses is the re-spin feature.


Slots are the most played game out there. It’s fun and player-friendly with clear instructions and you don’t need to be a genius to play. It also offers many free spins and the chance to win remarkable sums of money. The only down-side to this popular game is the betting variety. You choose a betting option, spin and the machine does the rest. If you get the same symbols on reels 1,2,3 and 5 and a different symbol on reel 4, you were so close but yet so far. And then came the re-spins. This feature allows you to spin one, a few or all reels again. In this case, you will be able to spin only reel 4 to better your chances of getting the desired symbol, which in turn can result in a massive win.


O yes, you can. It differs from one casino to another but you can get re-spins as a bonus. Some bonuses will only give you one free re-spin but there are many games that offer up to as many as 20. Sometimes, online casinos will offer you re-spins on their free spins bonus which is a unbelievable combo. It is usually offered on new games, so stay updated and take advantage.