It still remains the biggest choice for online gamblers. Which casino to choose? With so many sign-up bonuses on offer, it has become a very easy task for casinos to trick you away from your casino-home with promises of free spins or bonus cash when signing-up.

However, there is a new revolution in the online gambling scene. A true game changer that rewards customers with even better, more favorable exclusive deals. What’s the catch? Loyalty.

Just like your retail loyalty program, where you get rewards for purchasing at a specific store, online casinos have jumped on the bandwagon by honoring their devoted players.

As implied, online casinos give loyalty bonuses or exclusive deals to customers that have been loyal to them for quite some time. It has earned some sort of a VIP status because online casinos don’t really advertise these exclusive offers on their sites. Instead, they select to whom they send these bonuses because they only want their loyal customers to benefit.

How do you get a Exclusive Casino Deal?

Generally loyalty bonuses are given to high rollers or to regular players that keep playing and depositing at an online casino. Some casinos will also send you Christmas or Birthday bonuses once a year. They even go as far as to offer Platinum, Gold or Silver bonuses. The one you will qualify for will typically depend on how much you deposit and play.

So next time, when a different online casino tries to sneakily lure you away with guarantees of sign-up bonuses or free spins, just remember that loyalty might just get you a whole lot further.